Physical Characteristics


The unique mane, is a feature the male lion has to make it look much more powerful than any other animal in the community. This gives the lion a very good advantage of gaining territory easily. The mane shows other mammals, that it is the one who is in charge. That's why they call the lion "King of the Jungle." Also, the lions mane makes it looks much larger than it actually is. This gives the lion another advantage which is to intimidate the other animals. Because of the large mane, the other animals do not dare to mess with this large cat. This way, the lion does not have to get up and scare the animals off with his power, he just needs his big mane. A lion starts growing a mane, when it is changing from a young cub, to a responsible adult lion. The colors of the mane, varies from blonde to black. The color get's darker as the lion get's older.

White Lion

The white lion is just the same as the regular lions and lionesess. The only difference is the regular lion has a dominant gene, which gives it its brownish color, and the white lion recessive gene which makes it white. It is albino, because their is still skin pigiment on it's skin. Right now in the world, there are only about 50 white lions. They have been extinct in the wild for 12 years so far.

Weight and Structure

The average adult lion male weighs from 330–530 pounds, and the average female lioness weigh from 270–400 pounds. The body length in males is from 5 ft 7 in – 8 ft 2 in, and body length of a femal varies from 4 ft 7 in – 5 ft 9 in.